Chris Little  / guitar

I first picked up a guitar when I was about 7 years old. It was an old acoustic which had belonged to my brother that was up in my parents attic. My first guitar teacher was Mrs. Reel who taught guitar lessons out of her house in Portland. She would always have me memorizing things like Every Good Boy Does Fine to help me remember the different notes and then we would play along to my Mel Bay Guitar for the Small Fry book. Each time I completed a lesson she would write OKMR on the top corner of that page to indicate that the lesson was complete. My first song was Cockles and Muscles. I eventually moved on to taking lessons at Portland School of Music and Dance, Rivers music in Middletown and finally I took private lessons from John Lambert in East Hampton.  During this period I would often practice with my friend Dennis who lived down the street. He was much much better that me, but he taught me a lot and really inspired me to continue playing. Through my late teens and into my early 30's, I just played guitar by myself in my bedroom, usually just trying to figure out rock songs out by ear. I joined a cover band in 2005 called Moneyshot and we played a handful of shows over the next year or two. After a few more years of jamming in different cover and original bands without ever finding a good fit, I went seeking a new direction. I saw an ad online looking for a guitarist for a Pink Floyd tribute and decided to toss my name in the hat. It took only one practice to realize that this was the band that I had been searching for. I am so very fortunate to have the opportunity to play in a band with such talented, dedicated and experienced musicians as these and I am even more fortunate to be able to have them as friends.