Craig Wall



Craig Wall -Drums/Vocals

I’m Craig, the “Nick Mason” of the band. 

               I’m not exactly sure what about Nick’s drumming that appeals to me so deeply.  He’s highly untrained, totally unpredictable, often hard to follow, way laid back, and has a sound on record that is nearly impossible to recreate.  Oh yeah!  That’s what I love about him!

               However, in studying Nick’s parts for my place in Eclipse, I have found a rhyme and reason to what he does that some 40 years of listening to Pink Floyd’s music has not shown to me until recently.  Nick started as an architectural student before Floyd in the 60s and when listening to his drumming parts I’ve noticed that he literally builds all his sections with the deliberateness of a designer.  And most of all, Nick ALWAYS felt the music with his gentle touch.

                I’ve been a musician for about 37 years and I play drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and I sing.  I write original music and I have several albums to my credit and a deep love for the studio.  I have an album I completed with a band called Ad Infinitum, which is heavily influenced by the music of Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, and Kansas.

                But what of this band Pink Floyd?  It’s hard to put my finger exactly on what I love so much about Floyd’s music.  What I can say is that no other band has touched me quite like this band.  They speak to my fears, my joy, my solace, my anxiety, my love of creativity, my sanity, my understanding of the harsh realities of life, and all of my fundamental musical sensibilities.  And how could a band so seemingly simple play such complex music?  Moreover, Pink Floyd’s music has a reputation for being “beautiful”, but I find them at many times to be quite terrifying.  It’s that gray area of not knowing whether they’re going to lift me to Heaven or cleave me in two with an axe that scares me the most.  Eclipse understands their horror.  It’s much of what sets us apart from other Floyd tributes.

                It is one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to faithfully recreate the sounds and the drumming for, in my humble opinion, the greatest rock band ever.  We are the Pink Floyd tribute for those whom Pink Floyd is their way of life.  They know the beats, the notes, the feel, the words, and maybe even the bootleg live performances from the 1970s.  Everyone will enjoy our shows, but the aforementioned people are those who will shut their eyes and not know if it’s the real thing or Eclipse.