Dave McNamara



Dave McNamara – Rhythm Guitar / Vocals


  My interest in music began early on in my life. I started playing guitar at twelve years old and enjoyed playing classic rock music in bands throughout my younger years and beyond.  My most memorable times in music were with two very good friends and we played Top 40, Rock and Country as a three- piece-act.  After eleven years of performing together, my interest had faded altogether and I put my guitars aside for the next three years.


  My son Cal, who is very gifted in music, encouraged me one day to come see his music studio.  We jammed out for some time and started playing some Pink Floyd songs.  We strongly agreed that we should do something with this and decided to form a Pink Floyd tribute band.  After collaborating for a couple of months, I received a call from him and he shared with me that his relationship with a wonderful young woman had grown and he was moving to another state with her.  After feeling very discouraged that our musical project was halted, and perhaps completely ended, I decided I was going to continue this goal on my own.  I began placing advertisements and networked, and with a lot of trial and error, the band was finally formed at the end of an entire year.


  Each and every member shares a common love for the music of Pink Floyd and for each other, and their musicianship is a beautiful extension of their commitment and passion.  They are true friends and I look forward to sharing with everyone, this magical energy and sound we’ve created.


Cal, thank you for believing in me and reviving my passion for music again.