"it was from that point on, that the soundtrack to my life began"

-Paul Kochiss-                                                          bass guitar/vocals

It was the summer of 1977... one day in particular that I'll never forget... I was sitting in the passenger side of my mom's lincoln, waiting for her to get back in the car. she had apparently forgotten something in the house and ran back to get it. it was quite warm outside and we were headed to the beach. I can still remember the sweet smell of that warm summer air... the trees and flowers in bloom... the buzzing of the worker bees, the chirping birds, and the occasional airplane flying overhead. I soaked up all those warm colors and sounds in like a sponge.

something very magical happened in that moment... what seemed to be just background noise, hit me like a ton of bricks... the sound coming from the old two knob AM radio (with an 8 track player) had somehow, with great force and precision, felt like it was drilling directly into my soul... it was the Motown sound... songs like "reach out" I'll be there, by the four tops and "whats going on" by the legendary, Marvin Gaye... it was the sound of the bass guitar that had been pounding it's way into my chest.

now, imagine this for a minute... I was only two years old at this point in my life. what was this strange and beautiful magic that had forcefully wormed it's way into the very core of my being? I didn't question this unexpected visitor... I allowed full access to this apparition. it was from that point on, that the soundtrack to my life began.

in 1986, i was in 6th grade... I was friends with this kid who had a drumset in his attic. we would go to his house after school and bang on those things for hours. later that year, my brother Pete bought an electric guitar and an amp. I was determined to start a band with him! my Aunt bought me a drum set the following year. by 1988, I had made friends with quite a few classmates in middle school that played instruments. this one friend of mine had a red Yamaha bass guitar. I asked if he'd be willing to trade that bass for a remote control car that i had. he agreed... I would continue to play both bass guitar and drums after that. it felt good to me to be able to recreate that sound I heard back in '77.

by 1989, I had bought a 1975 Fender Precision bass guitar. a very proper choice, I must say. I now had the whole rhythm section covered! and of course, that led me to start playing music with a lot of people in many different bands.

fast forward to november of 2016... I was searching in craigslist ads for musicians wanted. I came across an ad where a Pink Floyd tribute band was looking for a bass player. I thought to myself that I would be the perfect fit seeing as that I grew up loving classic rock, thanks to my older brother. I responded to the ad but was messaged back that they already had found a bass player. needless to say, I was really bummed out. 

with new years, brings new beginnings... in February of 2017, I found myself back on craigslist looking for musicians to play with and saw the ad for bass player wanted in the same Pink Floyd tribute band... I reached out and replied to the ad once again. this time, I talked with Dave and he said that the position was available and that he wanted to meet with me. the Rock Gods were shining a light down upon me for sure! we met and talked about what his intentions were with the band and it felt like a perfect match for me. I was very excited to meet the rest of the band!

coming into the first practice session, lugging my bass and amp behind me, I was pleasantly greeted by the kindest bunch of guys I've ever met. we would continue to grow and learn together 'till this very day that I write these words to you. never before have I had the pleasure of working with such kind hearted, caring and talented musicians. for that, I am thankful...